Microburst® Duet Refills – 5 Pack

Long-lasting and innovative, Rubbermaid’s Microburst Duet refills feature a carefully selected combination of complimentary fragrances that will leave rooms noticeably fresh. Capable of delivering up to three times more odour control than ordinary refills, the Microburst air freshener systems utilize micro-spray technology that delivers broad room coverage with concentrated fragrances. The Microburst formulations contain up to 63% less VOCs meaning that their environmental impact is significantly less than standard refills

Features and Benefits

Two carefully selected complimentary fragrances provide long-lasting freshness
Refills provide up to 180 days of odour control; three times more than ordinary refills
The captivating blend of melon, cucumber and pineapple of Sparkling Fruits, combined with the dynamic contrast of luscious red berries and sumptuous floral notes of Cotton Berry delivers waves of instant freshness to any environment
Alternating scent delivery reduces the risk of fragrance fatigue and ensures that rooms remain fresher for longer


Capacity: 2 x 121ml x 6 Pack
Dimensions: W9 x H13.2 xD6.3

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